just kate (kateywaslike) wrote,
just kate

I sit here listening to music, staring out the window at the grey sky and I don't know how I got here. Was it a gradual happening or sudden?

I can almost pin point the moment, down to a second...the lack of urgency, the slow and brief press against my lips. It seems hardly possible that such a small, short moment in my life would give me such distress. Cause the wanderlust to thrive and lead me away from the shallow connections I've been supplementing as real relationships. Does anyone really know me? Of course...someone must.

I keep asking myself what do I want? As much as I thought I wanted to be with Gatsby, his behavior really made me question myself. I try to go days without contacting him, because at this point it surely must have been in my head, and there he is.
On my toes.
On my toes.
I still can't figure it out, I do enjoy the mysteries of getting to know someone but this is not that anymore. And I need more, so that is that.
Tags: friendship, love

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