just kate (kateywaslike) wrote,
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After making the conscious decision to no longer continue any further contact with Robin the days are dull...the ones where he crosses my mind. The nights are spent anxious that he will just show up at my house if I am home without any plans and waking up without him here is unbearable. However, part of me feels like the man I loved and knew and thought of as my other half is dead. The addict that is left where he use to stand is someone I don't know, who would hurt me to further himself and does not have my best interest on any part of his mind.

How was I so willingly blind to how bad he was getting for so long?

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    I wish making the choice to not do this anymore was easier as time went on. Yet I feel like it gets harder and harder as the nights pass.

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    Maybe I'm just not cut out for this anymore.

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    if you want to be in my life act like it. show me. words aren't enough anymore. don't come over, drink my drinks and smoke my smoke, expect to have…

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